How to Lower Nitrate in an Aquarium

How to Lower Nitrate in an Aquarium

Sludge Remover Waste Away

There are many ways to lower nitrate in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Some of these include using reverse osmosis (RO) water, refugium, nitrate reducing resins, media or pellets, vodka, chemicals, etc. Many of these products are beneficial especially using RO water which is low in nitrates. Assuming you have good filtration including a protein skimmer on saltwater aquariums and do regularly do partial water changes while vacuuming out the detritus then here is a simple method to reduce the nitrates in a short time.

If the aquarium has a lot of uneaten food, waste, and other detritus present than a large water change with thorough vacuuming should be done. Typically a large water change is at least 50% of the water volume and replacement water is low in nitrates, same temperature, salinity and water conditioners added. If the substrate has not been vacuumed in months it is best to only vacuum a small area deep into the substrate and vacuum the waste off the surface of the remaining substrate.

After the water change, add my secret ingredient Dr. Tim's Aquatics Waste-Away Natural Aquarium Cleaner. This product is not a chemical; it is live cultured bacteria grown in a lab. These bacteria were specifically chosen for their ability to dissolve organics and sludge. They are perfect for reducing nitrates in fresh and saltwater fish only and coral reef aquariums. Since Waste-Away Natural Aquarium Cleaner is live bacteria they are package separately for freshwater, saltwater, reef and nano.

Waste-Away can be added on a regular basis or as needed since nitrates are always produced in an aquarium through a natural process of breaking down uneaten food, fish waste and other organic matter. If used on regularly, it will keep your aquarium looking cleaner longer.

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