How to Remove Smudges From Your Saltwater Aquarium

How to Remove Smudges From Your Saltwater Aquarium

water-bottle-and-squeegee black boarderAs I was working on my reef aquarium the other day I realized that this quick tip might help others!

Have you ever cleaned the outside glass on your saltwater aquarium and ended up leaving unsightly smudges instead? Most hobbyists use a paper towel or clean cloth dampened with water to clean the outside glass and a dry paper towel or cloth to dry it - and they still have frustrating smudges and streaks.

At my retail store we had hundreds of aquariums which we needed to keep smudge-free without taking a ton of time. We used an inexpensive water bottle and a squeegee which can be bought at a dollar store and kept with your aquarium supplies. Fill a spray bottle with tap, distilled or reverse osmosis water. Use a fine mist setting and spray one of the outside panels of the aquarium. Use the squeegee to wipe away the water and a paper towel or cloth to wipe excess water that pools at the base of the aquarium. VOILA!

Now you, too, can quickly have smudge -free crystal clear glass and have more time to enjoy your aquarium.

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