KloudAway Freshwater Aquarium Water Clarifier - Clears Cloudy Water, 500 ml Pond Water Clarifier Aquatic Experts
KloudAway Freshwater Aquarium Water Clarifier - Clears Cloudy Water, 500 ml $ 15.99 $ 24.99
1 Bottle of KloudAway Freshwater Aquarium Water Clarifier FAST-ACTING - KloudAway quickly clears cloudy or hazy aquarium water by clumping floating particles together making them large enough to be trapped by your mechanical filter or drop to the bottom of your aquarium making it easy to be siphoned out. CUTTING EDGE FORMULA - Our advanced fish tank water clarifier is targeting unsightly particles in water such as uneaten fish food, dust and other debris to produce crystal clear water. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Our cloudy water treatment is safe for all types of freshwater fish, turtles, plants and invertebrates and has no effect on the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium's biological filtration. REMARKABLE RESULTS! Use our aquarium clarifier to maintain sparkling clear water in your freshwater aquarium. For exact details of how to use KloudAway to clear water that is cloudy, see description below. RISK-FREE! Does KloudAway come with a money back guarantee? ABSOLUTELY! Your purchase comes with a full 90 day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee. Either you're thrilled, or we don't want your money! ***Please do not use in saltwater aquaria. Our active ingredients are not compatible with saltwater aquariums.Directions to clear cloudy water: 1. Shake the product well before using. 2. Use 1 capful (5ml) of KloudAway solution per 10 gallons of aquarium water.  Please do not "free pour" as this may result in excessive, constant cloudiness.3. Gradually add our water clarifier into an area of high-water flow in your aquarium. For best results, leave your filtration and aeration systems ON.4. Wait a few hours for KloudAway to do its magic. Water may get cloudier due to very fine particles clumping into larger particles. Allow at least 12 hours for flocculation process to complete. When the water becomes clear, replace or clean your fish tank filter pad or cartridge.5. Re-apply in 24 hours if necessary. The maximum recommended usage is twice per 5-day period***If an extra amount of KloudAway was used, the water may become brown for a few days. Do not worry since this is not harmful and will dissipate in a few days.
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Pondfirst Pond Water Conditioner - 2L - Treats 40,000 Gallons Pond Water Conditioner Aquatic Experts
Pondfirst Pond Water Conditioner - 2L - Treats 40,000 Gallons $ 44.99 $ 54.99
Aquatic Experts PondFirst Concentrate Premium Complete Aquarium Water Conditioner  CUTTING EDGE FORMULA! Makes tap water INSTANTLY SAFE by removing chlorine, and chloramines; it also detoxifies ammonia. Our complete premium conditioner is perfect for all freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. Our complete premium conditioner is perfect for all ponds, freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. POWERFUL TREATMENT: Our PondFirst 67.6-ounce bottle treats 40,000 gallons. Use 1 capful or 1 teaspoon per 100 gallons. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Our Premium Water Conditioner is PROVEN and TRUSTED for use with all pond fish, invertebrates such as shrimp and snails as well as all live plants. REMARKABLE RESULTS! Use PondFirst water treatment when adding water lost through evaporation, during water changes, and also when ammonia and/or nitrite levels are measurable. BEST VALUE! Concentrated formula treats 40,000 gallons! Get more treatments out of one bottle! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - TankFirst Premium Complete Aquarium Water Conditioner  QUESTION: What is the best way to use your premium water conditioner to detoxify ammonia in my aquarium?  ANSWER: Our complete conditioner does a great job of detoxifying ammonia in unusual situations such as overcrowding or overfeeding. In such cases, our premium water conditioner will help control ammonia until the aquarium's biological filter catches back up. 1. Test ammonia levels with an ammonia salicylate reagent test kit rather than Nessler's reagent to get an accurate reading of ammonia in your water. 2. Add 5 ml (1 capful) per 100 gallons of water to treat entire system for each 1 ppm of ammonia measured on test kit. Wait 10 minutes; re-test ammonia concentration in aquarium water and repeat treatment if needed.  QUESTION: Can fish really smell? ANSWER: Fish have olfactory receptors in 2 pits on their snout which are used to find food, spawning grounds, and much more. QUESTION: Does Aquatic Experts Premium water conditioner have ingredients to provide a slime coat? ANSWER: We do not add any chemicals to coat the fish or cause fish to more rapidly produce their slime coat. Healthy fish even after being caught with a fish net will naturally produce their protective layer of slime. Therefore, we prefer not to add any chemicals which could pollute the fish tank.  
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