Filter Pads

Classic Blue

What's the difference between this and your white density roll? Is this better?

What is the micron rating?

Will it polish water?

Do you offer the blue filter pad in an 18" wide roll?

Polishing Filter Pad 100 Micron

Which medium is finer (denser): 50 micron or 100 micron?

Should the polishing pad go over or under the regular filter pad?

How do I clean the filter pad?

I have a marineland canister filter for my 50 gal tank, can i use this instead of buying the pre cut " polishing filter"

Can this be used in hang on back filters or does in reduce flow?

Should this go over or under regular filter pad?

Should the water pass through the rough side first? in other words on a hob filter, which side of the polishing pad should be facing down?

Polishing Filter Pads 50 Micron

Can you use a coarse foam pad and then the 100 micron pad followed by the 50 micron pad as the first filter in a canister filter?

Which side goes up, the rough or the fine?

How often do you have to clean this filter pad?

I have this filter pad in an eshopps wd-200cs wet dry filter and almost immediately water flow by-passes the pad. What do I need to do to avoid this?

Which medium is finer (denser): 50 micron or 100 micron?

Do you make a 5 micron or 1 micron option?

Premium True Dual Density Filter Pad and Roll

Could this be used in an AquaClear 50 in place of the foam sponge that they supply, giving more room for additional media?

Would this product be safe in a reef aquarium (salt water) with anemone and coral?

What’s the difference between this bonded filter pad product and 100 micron Polishing filter pad, both from Aquatic Experts?

Is this 3/8" or 1/2" thick? I have used the 3/4" filter roll, but it is a little too thick.

How does this compare to Marineland's blue bonded filter pad?

Is the filter material considered coarse, medium or fine?

Will stacking two pads together improve filtration, or is one pad sufficient?

Is this made of food grade material that would be safe to use as a pre-filter for pond water prior to pouring the water into my water purifier?

Do you have a media sheet that is 1/2" thick for Aquatop hang on the back filter?

Would I need to remove this from my filter when treating fish for ich, as you do with the carbon filters?

Is this more or less dense than 100 micron polishing pad you sell?

Can this be used in Aquatop canister filters?

Should this be used as the second, finer layer with another, finer filter layer like "aquarium filter roll - classic bonded blue"?

Can you use this on a dog water fountain?

Can the filter be cleaned a few times before disposal?

Does this product remove Phosphate?

Will this work in a koi pond? or it is only for aquariums?

How many microns is this filter pad?

Is this coarse media? Or more like floss?

what is the size in micron for pass through?

Do I need charcoal?

What is the micron rating for these pads?

How thick is this pad?

Is this better than poly filter?

Is this polyester material?

Exactly how does this work? Compared to the activated charcoal filters that are made by such companies like aqueon?

Filter Socks

Felt Filter Socks

What is the best way to clean the sock?

How do you add bleach without a dispenser?

Is it better to use a longer sock with more sock hanging in the filter water than a shorter one?

Is the 100 micron or 200 micron better for my aquarium?

How often should I change the filter socks?

At what point should I discard and replace my filter socks?

Will the 4" 100 Medium Filter Socks fit a trigger 39"?

Is this an Aqueon product?

Has Anyone Verified if 4” 200 micron medium works with the reefer?

Do the rings have the small hook on the inside that they can be hung by?

What is the recommended way to wash and reuse them?

What filter bag matches the ones that came with the Aqueon 1 sump thanks

Will this fit a Red Sea reefer system?

Can these be used to hold carbon as well?

Can these be used in place of the Sock filters for my Southwest Spa?

How often do I have to change these bags and are they washable?

Why are the 14-inch 200 micron cheaper than the 10.5-inch 200 micron? Are they cheaper material? I’m talking about the 8 pack of both.

Will these fit a trigger systems sump (ruby eilte 30)? Thanks

For the 4" socks - what size hole do I need drilled in my sump to make a holder for these?

Will this fit in Eshoppss Rs-75 3rd generation?

Is it better to use a longer sock w/more sock hanging in the filter water than a shorter one?

Does 4" 200 long filter sock have the same lips like eshopps ?

Are the 4" 200 long the same size as Aqueon 06166 ?

I have a waterbox 135.4. What size and type of filter socks is best for my tank?

Will the filter socks work on a red sea reefer system?

Can I use the 7" 200 short filter sock on my fresh water pump? just place the pump inside the sock to improve water clarity? I have a fluval flex 15 gallon

Do you have these in 100 micron... looking for a 7" plastic ring 16" long in a 10 pack

Hi. is there a glaze finish on these filter socks? the glaze makes them less flexible and stiffer. or are they untreated? Thanks

Do you guys have this mesh in 7" diameter?

How often should I clean or change the 4” Drawstring long for a 50 gal. saltwater tank?

Hi do you have 7" opening drawstring socks in 100 micron size??

Mesh Filter Socks

Will these fit the red sea reefer tanks ?

Activated Carbon

Premium Carbon

Can I use this in a reactor instead of a mesh bag on my saltwater tank?

Can this Premium Carbon be used to filter drinking water?

What is the recommend replacement rate? Obviously organic load plays a large factor but what would you say is a rough guideline?

Where is this made?

How can I use this product to absorb odors in a refrigerator?

Can I use this to make an air filter to remove smoke?

Will this be OK for filtering water for cats?

How does the charcoal compare in size to Marineland?

We have a basement that had water several times after heavy rains. Now dry but smells mildew. Will this help our odor?

Can this be ground up to be used for other applications, such as facial masks and the like?

Filter Pad Carbon

Can these pads be used in freshwater, saltwater, or ponds?

What size are these pads?

Are these pads reusable?

How often should they be replaced?

Mesh Media Bags

Fine Mesh Media Bags

Is this mesh fine enough to use with Purigen 100?

Do you have different sizes available?

Will these fit a fluval custom media basket or are they too big?

What is the micron level?

Do you make smaller sizes of this bag? I'm ideally looking for a one that's 2 3/4" x 3 3/4".

Is this bag good for crush coral?

Can I use this to filter water with sediment before putting it through removal of bacteria, virus, cysts with the Sechelle filter or berkey?

High Flow Mesh Media Bags

Will this work with Chemi-pure?

Will this size work for an AquaClear 50 filter?

What is the diameter of the opening?

What is the micron size of the mesh?

Will it hold biomedia?

Can it hold Purigen?

Would this be good for biomedia? I.e. Ceramic rings or seachem matrix

Are these media bags also 200 microns like your filter socks ??

Classic Koi Pond Fine and Course Filter Roll

White Classic Koi Pond Fine Filter Roll

Please confirm if this is design meant to rinse and continue using for a full season requiring fine to avoid algae from getting into filter and easy rinsing.

What micron is this media?

Would this be good for a waterfall pump?

Black Classic Koi Pond Coarse Filter Roll

Can this take the place of the round tube filters I buy? If so how would you fasten it, so it doesn't come loose?

Is this similar to matala media, can it be used in a marine aquarium sump?

Is this carbon coated?

Bio Balls

Bio Balls 300 Count with Mesh Bag

Can I throw the bio balls inside the tank water?

cubic feet in the 300 count?

How often do I need to clean the bag of balls? I have been just rinsing the bag off with the balls inside every couple of weeks.

How many are needed for a 2,000 gallon pond?

How do you use them in an outdoor fish pond?

what is the best way to use the bio balls , inside or outside of the mesh bag ?

How many bio balls are needed for a 3200 gallon pond with heavy fish load, 4000 GPH pump?

Water Conditioner


Does KloudAway Clear greenish water in tank?

Premium Complete Water Conditioner

Can you use too much? How much would be needed for 3 gals of water during water changing for my 10 gal tank?

Carbon Filter Pads

How often do you change the carbon filter pad?

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