The Green Wolf Eel Can Be A Great Saltwater Fish To Add To Your Aquarium

Green Wolf Eels or Carpet Eel Blennies are fish that look like, are named like, and are commonly mistaken for eels. Green wolf eels (Congrogadus subducens) are really a pseudochromid (Dottyback.) These hardy fish are frequently for sale at most fish stores. One of the neat features about this fish is its great eyesight. When a customer asks about this fish I generally grab a tuffy (rosie red minnow) or a small feeder goldfish and hand feed it. Even though Green Wolf Eels are wild-caught in a very short time they will eat out of your hand. I have never had one miss the food and bite me but it is probably wise to use feeding tongs, it’s just not as cool. Green Wolf Eels grow to a maximum length of 18 inches long and should be kept in at least a 55 gallon aquarium. They need a meaty diet consisting of foods like krill, shrimp, squid and other frozen and live fish. They generally are quick to learn to eat in captivity but if you have a finicky eater feed it glass shrimp, small feeder guppies, tuffies or goldfish depending on the size of the food. To keep aggression down and the aquarium clean try to feed frozen or prepared foods instead of live. Make sure your Green Wolf Eel has good hiding places to feel secure. Their streamlined bodies make them great jumpers so make certain the top on your aquarium is fully covered. Their colors range from a bright green to a mottled light brown and they do well in aquariums with tangs, angels, lion fish, large clown fish and much more. As a rule keep the Wolf Eel with semi-aggressive to aggressive fish, one Green Wolf Eel to an aquarium. Because of their hardy nature we have gotten many Green Wolf Eels traded in over the years and many of these fish have been well over 5 years old.
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