Make The Inside Of Your Unfinished Cabinet Stand Look Sharp And Easy To Clean!

Adding ABS plastic to an aquarium standWhen using a wet dry filter or Berlin sump the inside of an aquarium cabinet gets covered in dirt and salt spray over time. Finished cabinets are usually easier to clean but unfinished have a rough texture making them difficult to clean. To make the job easier cover the inside of your cabinet with ABS plastic.

ABS is available in a variety of colors including black, white and blue. White ABS gives a sleek appearance and hides salt creep. ABS is easy to cut, Either cut it with a table saw or score and snap it. Cut the ABS so ti is the same size as the inside floor of your stand and drop it in place. The sides need to be attached to the stand to keep the ABS from falling. Use screws or glue. Once all the parts of your stand are covered use 100% silicone to seal the joints. Aquarium Cabinet , Aquatic ExpertsNow you, too, have a professional-looking sleek, easy to clean cabinet interior.