Starting a Saltwater Aquarium

Your New Saltwater Aquarium GuideStarting a saltwater aquarium is exciting when you think of the bright, colorful, exotic fish you can keep. To be successful, avoid the many pitfalls and enjoy healthy thriving fish for years to come requires the advice of an expert.

Expert Teacher
After 28 years of working with saltwater aquariums, Laurren Schmoyer has penned his vast experience into a proven system for creating and maintaining amazing underwater paradises. His system is revealed in "Your New Saltwater Aquarium: A Step By Step Guide To Creating and Keeping A Stunning Saltwater Aquarium". This guide takes you through each step, breaking down technical concepts into easy-to-understand language. It is packed with pictures to guide you through each step.

Two Popular Methods
You will find two different approaches to setting up your aquarium. The current trend in saltwater fishkeeping is to set up new saltwater aquariums using live rock, also called FOWLR (Fish-Only-with-Live-Rock). Previously, the traditional method was to decorate with dead corals and/or synthetic decorations. Both practices have their advantages and this guide takes you through a step-by-step process to assembling the saltwater aquarium of your dreams - whichever method you decide.

The Secret to Stacking Live Rock
You will learn the art to stacking live rock so that it creates underwater scenes which mimic ocean reefs. This book teaches you how the pros choose pieces of live rock and how to place and anchor these pieces. You will be able to replicate reef walls with large and small caverns through which fish can swim. You will discover secret techniques of this highly sought-after art.

Now You Too Can Be Confident
Laurren's guide will help you choose a proper filtration system and all the necessary equipment. Learn how to select hardy fish, groups of fish and invertebrates that are compatible with each other, the ins and outs of a quarantine aquarium, and even the safest way to introduce fish into your aquarium. When you have completed these sections, you will feel confident to know which fish will thrive together.

Get Expert Results
You will discover what really keeps these magnificent creatures alive and content for years as well as expert techniques to feeding and caring for your aquarium. This guide removes guesswork; allowing you to have the same amazing results as the pros.

Tips and Techniques to a Thriving Aquarium
This guide will help you build a strong foundation of saltwater knowledge, ensuring a fun and fulfilling fish keeping future. All it takes is the right equipment and expert advice to be able to select healthy fish and keep them thriving in an aquarium.

To ensure your success you'll receive these Free Bonuses

>>> Inside this book are links to 3 Free Bonuses <<<

Bonus 1 - A special report on "How You Can Select Healthy Saltwater Fish Like The Experts" One of the most important keys to keeping a successful aquarium is selecting healthy fish. Just follow the checklist to know which fish are healthy to buy and which ones to walk right by. Once the fish has passed the checklist, there are still questions you must ask the sales person. Once these fish have passed these questions you will need to keep them healthy. Included are expert techniques to keep your fish thriving.

Bonus 2 - Helpful tracking forms to keep track of livestock and water test results This package includes water testing, livestock and medication tracking sheets. These are the same tracking sheets professional aquarist use. Included are easy to follow instructions to ensure each sheet is filled out correctly.

Good water quality is a must in keeping fish healthy. The instructions to water testing provides the correct level each test should read. If the levels are different the instructions give suggestion to correct the problem. Tracking sheets are invaluable tools.

Bonus 3 - "The Perfect Fish Identifier Form" to help you decide if a particular fish is right for your aquarium. How do you know what fish go together? How large will the fish you pick out get? This form helps you pick the fish you want and are the best suited for your aquarium.

When you go to purchase a new fish for your aquarium your emotions play a huge role. Because most saltwater fish have brilliant colors, unique shapes and personality that gets you excited. This excitement many times turn into an impulse buy.

Sometimes you get lucky and you get a great fish that is compatible with your other fish. This form will remove the luck and replace it with skill.

If you are serious about creating your own stunning underwater paradise, you need to get your copy of "Your New Saltwater Aquarium: A Step By Step Guide To Creating and Keeping A Stunning Saltwater Aquarium" Now. Click Here!