Aquarium Extra Fine Mesh Media Bags - Ideal for Aquarium Filtration Aquatic Experts
Aquarium Extra Fine Mesh Media Bags - Ideal for Aquarium Filtration from $ 11.49
  UNIVERSAL FILTER MEDIA BAG – Our extra fine mesh design is optimized to work with any type of chemical filter media, preventing resins from escaping into your pump. THESE BAGS WORK FOR PURIGEN. SAVE MONEY - Our 150 micron extra fine mesh media bags FIT PERFECTLY IN A VARIETY OF FILTERS including canister filters, power filters, sumps, wet/dry filters and pond filtration systems. Just fill our economical bag with your favorite filter media. DURABLE AND REUSABLE - These unique mesh filter bags are easy to fill and empty with a top drawstring design to keep filter media secure. Our bags are durable, washable, and can be reused. OPTIMAL AND CUSTOMIZABLE - Ideal for use in any canister filter, hanging filters, sumps, and pond filtration systems. SECURE BAG CLOSURE - Our custom drawstring bags close tight to prevent loose media from potentially causing damage to your water pump or power filter's motor. The bag is non-toxic and completely safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. 100% GUARANTEED - We believe in our products. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return them for a full refund. Reach the next level in your aquatic hobby with the trusted Aquatic Experts brand, and start enjoying crystal clear and odor-free water today!   Our EXTRA FINE MESH DRAWSTRING MEDIA BAGS are customized for optimal flow with all aquarium and pond filtration products including granular activated carbon, peat fiber, pellets, resins, and any type of biological or chemical filtration. These extra fine mesh bags are non-toxic and tested to ensure safety for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums, koi ponds, and water gardens. The very fine mesh keeps your favorite media secure and protects your pump as you clean and condition your water. The unique drawstring design makes these durable filter bags easy to use and reuse many times. Your new mesh media bags will simplify the use of chemical filtration in your fish tank or pond while saving money. Take the next step in perfecting your hobby, and make your aquatic friends happy with crystal-clear water!
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