Classic Bonded Filter Pad Tips & FAQ

Classic Bonded Filter Pad Tips & FAQ

Your aquarium is your pride and joy. You've put in time, money, and a whole lot of love to create a beautiful and safe environment for your aquatic life. But are you taking advantage of all the resources available to maintain your tank's cleanliness and clarity? If not, we've got just the product for you: our Classic Blue and White Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad.

A Popular Choice Among Aquarists

This multipurpose filter media has rapidly become a favorite among freshwater and saltwater aquarium enthusiasts alike. What sets our product apart?

  • Outstanding Debris Trapping: Our resilient filter pad fibers capture floating debris, keeping your aquarium water crystal clear. The open fiber design promotes unhindered water flow and forestalls premature clogging, ensuring an efficient filtration process.

  • Conveniently Cut-to-Fit: Save more money by cutting the filter pads to fit most filter models rather than buying ready-made pre-cut filter material.

Quality and Durability That Stand Out

With the multitude of filter pads available in the market, our Classic Blue Filter Pad sets the bar higher.

  • Durable Polyester Fibers: Constructed with strong polyester fibers bonded with our special resin, our filter pad outlasts the competition.

  • Color-Fast Blue Pigment: Our filter pad remains vibrant longer thanks to the added blue pigment that clings to the resin, keeping the color on the pad and out of your aquarium water.

Improve Your Water Quality

Our filter floss aquarium pad does much more than just filter. It works proactively to improve the overall water quality of your aquarium.

  • Effective Particle Trapping: Our filter pad traps uneaten food, waste, decaying plants, detritus, and other particulates, preventing them from deteriorating and adding unnecessary nutrients to your tank's water.

  • Promotes Algae-Free Water: Regular filter media changes help reduce organic compound build-up, mitigating potential algae growth and ensuring a healthier environment for your aquatic inhabitants.

Your Cost-Effective Solution

Save money without compromising on efficiency. Our Classic Blue and White Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad can perform all the functions of a branded filter pad at a fraction of the cost. Pair it with our high-quality activated carbon for the ultimate aquarium care package.

Give your aquatic friends the clean and clear home they deserve. Try our Classic Bonded Aquarium Filter Pad today, and experience the difference a quality filter can make!

Classic Aquarium Filter

Our Classic blue and white filter pad is a popular multipurpose filter media perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Here are a few tips and Frequently Ask Question to help you get the most out of our filter pads.


Make A Template Since pads need to be replaced on a regular basis, a cardboard template can be made of the filter pad you are replacing. Keep and use this template whenever you need to cut out new filter pads.

Safe From The Bag Classic Bonded Filter Pads can be placed directly in your aquarium filter from our bag or, if you prefer, rinse the pad first in clean fresh water.


Does it matter if the water goes through the Blue or white side of your Classic Filter Pad first?

Our Classic Filter pads are designed to flow and filter water exactly the same through either side. It comes down to personal preference if you like the white or blue side up.

How often should I change my aquarium filter pad?

Most hobbyists rinse the filter pad every two weeks and replace them monthly during a water change. The more often you change filter pads the better your water quality; filter pads remove organic solids before they have a chance to further break down.

Can I clean and reuse the Classic Bonded Filter Pads?

Our durable Classic Filter Pads can be rinsed and reused. The method to clean the pad is determined by how it is used. A typical filter pad is used as mechanical pre-filter material which means its only purpose is to capture floating debris from the water. In this case, clean the pad by rinsing it in freshwater while squeezing it out a few times. Some hobbyists use filter pads as part of their biological filter. They use the pad surface area to grow beneficial bacteria which breaks down fish waste, uneaten food, etc. To keep the good bacteria alive the pad must be rinsed in fresh or saltwater where the chlorine or chloramines have been treated. Another method is to clean the pad in a bucket of old tank water. Either way, just rinse and squeeze the pad a few times to remove trapped debris.

I have a pad that was compressed in shipping. Is there a way to return it to its normal height?

A hair dryer can be used to soften the resin and it will return to its normal state.

I have used filter pads where the dye comes off the pad and goes into my aquarium. Will the dye come off your Classic Filter Pads?

We add our blue pigment to our special binding resin and this keeps the color on the pad and out of your aquarium water longer than other filter media pads.

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